As a new year rolled around, I am sure many of us were keen to see the pandemic come to an end and be able to attend events in person. Unfortunately, as we entered Hillary term government restrictions forced many of us to remain at home and away from the city of dreaming spires. We were unable to host...

The committee was unabashed by the continued presence of the corona-virus related restrictions and in Michaelmas 2020 we held an extensive series of very well attended virtual talks, presentations and events. In particular, this was the first time that we had the pleasure of welcoming three experts from the commercial quantum computing sphere....

Is life tied in any way to Quantum Physics? After all, Schrödinger's famous thought experiment involved a fatal superposition for his poor cat. Peter Hore, Chiara Marletto and Vlatko Vedral engaged in a fascinating discussion on this topic at Quantum Information Society's Panel on Quantum Biology.

Can you keep a secret? Artur Ekert's talk began in the Ancient world, where the notion of sending messages via written communication was first conceived. He led us through the winding roads of time via Caesar ciphers, the enigma machine, public and private keys all the way to the role of quantum mechanics in giving us the ultimate security...

On February 27th, an Emerging Technologies party took place at the Oxford Foundry. Open to everyone, it brought together the newest and perhaps the most exciting tech societies in Oxford.

When Dr Stefano Gogioso began to explain quantum operations in spacetime, it wasn't with streams of mathematical equations - it was with drawings. A combination of boxes and wires connected together can be used to compute fundamental quantum results by following rules about how to manipulate these diagrams. Each box is a quantum process, and the...

In week 5 of Hilary term we were very happy to be visited by Will Simmons, David Zsolt Manrique and Arianne Meijer from Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC), a leading quantum software company with headquarters in Cambridge.

On the 19th of February 2020, Dr Peter Leek gave <Qu|In|Soc> members a tour of Oxford's superconducting quantum computing lab. Members saw the quantum computers at work and learnt the kind of problems that the computers are currently working on.

Not only has the quantum information society put on a diverse range of events within the university, it has also been busy enlisting the quantum physicists of the future. On Saturday 15th February, <Qu|In|Soc> members Maria, Olivia, Ben and Abhishek ran a quantum computing workshop at the Oxford Physics Department's Marie Curious event.

We were pleased to invite Guillaume Thekkadath, a DPhil student in Oxford's Atomic and Laser Physics sub-department, to lead a "quantum information discussion group" on weak measurements.

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Quantum Information Society is a student society at the University of Oxford
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