Emerging Tech Party


Cristian Voinea

On February 27th, an Emerging Technologies party took place at the Oxford Foundry. Open to everyone, it brought together the newest and perhaps the most exciting tech societies in Oxford. 

The most important bit of the event was, of course, socializing! With plenty of snacks and drinks, it was the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and see what is going on at each stand. The societies also held short speeches about their purpose and what kind of events they organize.

At our stand we met people from various backgrounds, from computer scientists to biologists, from freshers to graduates, and we talked about topics such as quantum consciousness, entanglement and quantum computers. Some of the more thought-provoking questions we could not find answers to - these are the type of ideas that are discussed at our events! We also ran simulations of quantum circuits, where anyone could create their own circuit and see the probability distribution of the resulting states. Our physical model of the qubit helped a lot with getting an intuition for the operation of the gates.

The party had many other captivating activities going on at the other stands, such as a VR simulator, interactive quizzes or playing with a robotic arm! It was a great feeling to be surrounded by so many exciting societies and we are looking forward to future collaborations with them. We certainly enjoyed the party and we thank OxAI, who took the lead in organising the event, for the invitation to take part!

Quantum Information Society is a student society at the University of Oxford
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