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From expert talks to debates and discussions, and quantum computing lab tours to quantum coding workshops, we provide a platform to discover new ideas and skills. 

Founded in September 2019, <Qu|In|Soc> is a timely and exciting society that fuses the student community in this interdisciplinary and fast-growing field.

We aim to cover the full range of research in the field of quantum information: from foundational questions surrounding interpretations of quantum information and quantum gravity to practical quantum technologies and applications in chemistry, biology and machine learning.

Events are often followed by socials to network with speakers and other members of the society.

To explore our upcoming events, check out our termcard and join the <Qu|In|Soc> community!

See our blog to find out what we have been up to so far, and get in touch if you have a suggestion for a future event.


Our mission is to broaden the horizons, knowledge, skills, and connections of every member of Oxford University interested in quantum information and quantum computing


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Is life tied in any way to Quantum Physics? After all, Schrödinger's famous thought experiment involved a fatal superposition for his poor cat. Peter Hore, Chiara Marletto and Vlatko Vedral engaged in a fascinating discussion on this topic at Quantum Information Society's Panel on Quantum Biology.

Can you keep a secret? Artur Ekert's talk began in the Ancient world, where the notion of sending messages via written communication was first conceived. He led us through the winding roads of time via Caesar ciphers, the enigma machine, public and private keys all the way to the role of quantum mechanics in giving us the ultimate security...

On February 27th, an Emerging Technologies party took place at the Oxford Foundry. Open to everyone, it brought together the newest and perhaps the most exciting tech societies in Oxford.

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